Delivery and returns

The seller will send the products via the contracted shipping company within a maximum of 30 days. If this shipping company does not have a branch at the buyer's location, the buyer must collect the product from the nearest branch of the shipping company within 7 days at the latest; Otherwise, the buyer is responsible for all damages and expenses.

In the event that the Buyer is not personally at the address at the time of delivery of the Products and the persons present at the address do not accept delivery, the Seller shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations in this regard. In the event that there is no one to receive the product at the address, it is the buyer's responsibility to follow up on the shipment of the products by contacting the shipping company. If the product is to be delivered to a person/organization other than the buyer, the seller cannot be held liable if the person/organization to be delivered is not present at the address or does not accept the delivery. In these cases, any damages arising from the delay in the delivery of the product by the buyer and the expenses incurred due to the fact that the product was waiting at the shipping company and / or the return of the goods to the seller must also belong to the buyer.

It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect the product once received and when he sees a problem with the product caused by the shipment, not to accept the product and keep a report to the official of the shipping company. Otherwise, the seller will not accept responsibility.

If the product cannot be delivered within the legal period due to force majeure, the seller must immediately notify the buyer of this situation. In this case, the buyer can cancel the order or wait until the force majeure event ends. In the event that the seller cannot provide the product, the seller must clearly inform the buyer within 3 days after knowing this situation and the buyer cancels the order. With the order being canceled by the Buyer, the Seller is obligated to return the total price paid by the Buyer and any documents showing it for debt, if any, to the Buyer within 14 days at the latest. In such a case, the buyer may not claim any additional material and moral damages from the seller.

If, for any reason, the bank/financial institution for which the credit card is processed, after the delivery of the product, does not pay the seller the price of the product or request a refund of the price paid, the product must be returned to the seller by the buyer within 3 days at most. If the non-payment of the product price is caused by the buyer's error or negligence, the shipping costs will be borne by the buyer. All other contractual legal rights, including to follow the price of the product due to the seller without accepting the return, are reserved separately and in any event.

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the order contract within fourteen (14) days from the date of receiving the product, without giving any reason and without paying any penalty. However, the buyer may use his right of withdrawal during the period from the conclusion of the contract until the delivery of the product.
Unless the parties agree otherwise in writing, the buyer cannot exercise its statutory right of withdrawal in connection with the following product/service(s), even if they have not been used:
a) products or services whose price changes depending on fluctuations in the financial markets and which are not under the control of the seller,
b) Products prepared in line with the buyer's requests or personal needs (those that are customized to the person's / personal needs by making changes / additions),
c) Products that can quickly expire or expire,
d) Products whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, sealing and packaging have been opened after delivery and which are not suitable for return in terms of hygiene,
e) Products that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature,
f) The implementation of the Services with the consent of the Buyer began before the expiry of the right of withdrawal.
The Buyer shall give notice that it has exercised its right of withdrawal to the Seller, in writing or through a permanent data store, during the above-mentioned period, as follows.
In the event that the right of withdrawal is exercised prior to the delivery of the Products to the courier company for delivery to the Buyer, the Buyer must notify the Seller via the email address (
In the event that the right of withdrawal is exercised after the delivery of the products to the courier company for delivery to the buyer, the buyer must complete the return form on the back of the invoice delivered with the product and return the products complete and undamaged, in addition to the box, packaging and standard accessories, if any, which will be sent to the courier company rapid. For returns of products billed on behalf of organizations, a return invoice must be issued.
In the event of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Buyer is obligated to return the Product(s) to the Seller within a maximum of ten (10) days from the date on which the notice of withdrawal was given to the Seller. The seller bears the cost of shipping the returned product, provided that the shipping company contracted with the seller is used.
Provided that the right of withdrawal has been duly and timely fulfilled by the buyer, seller, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, the price of the product and, if any, all payments collected, including the costs of delivery of the goods to the consumer, shall be returned to Buyer according to the payment instrument used by the Buyer when purchasing the product. The seller bears the delivery costs collected from the customer only if all products subject to the same order are returned.
In cases of legal withdrawal and cancellation of other order contracts, the seller may receive a discount on the price of the product and / or all kinds of bonus points, etc., from the buyer. The rights to collect and discount monetary values are reserved.
In cases where the right of withdrawal is not provided for by law, the right of withdrawal cannot be taken advantage of, and in cases where this right is not duly used or on time, the buyer loses the right of withdrawal.
In the event that there is more than one product in the order placed by the buyer and the buyer wishes to return some of these products, the buyer can use the right of withdrawal for these products only after delivery of the product.
Products sold online in seller's retail stores are not refundable.

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